Monday, April 21, 2014

Member News-Karen Schroeder

 © Karen R. Schroeder, Silent Reading, woodcut, 14" x 11"
Faulkner Gallery East
It's Elementary : Let Them Shine
Original Prints by Karen R.Schroeder
May 1 through May 31, 2014
Reception: Thursday May 1st, 5 to 7:30 pm
An elementary school is an unlikely theme for an artist unless you are an artist and a teacher. Artist and former teacher Karen R. Schroeder’s most recent work, It’s Elementary: Let Them Shine is on display at the Faulkner Gallery East, for the month of May. It is a show of innovative prints of children at play and in the classroom. This is an artistic peek into the lives of elementary school children, a time when they find out about themselves and should be encouraged to shine. These pictorial moments urge each viewer to appreciate this art work in a personal way and you may find yourself in these prints when you were young.
There is a fascination with drawing in Schroeder’s work, but in a nontraditional way. She uses a rhythm and movement of line to create a narrative of a child’s environment that exists today and in yesteryears.
Schroeder’s use of diverse printmaking techniques gives variety to the subject as does her use of contrast. Some prints are monochromatic and others glow with bright colors. Some children are at play while some are absorbed in class work. As you view her prints you can see an Asian influence and at times one of American folk art. This contrast gives the show an appeal that is refreshing and unique. Schroeder’s prints tell a beautiful visual story of innocent charm.
Faulkner Gallery East
© Karen R. Schroeder, Every Hand, linocut, 24" x 18"
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