Monday, October 27, 2008

December workshops in Ojai

December Workshops in Ojai
Michael McCabe, Master Printer from Santa Fe, NM, with over 20 years experience working with printers and printshops in Santa Fe, including Hand Graphics, will be giving 3 workshops in Ojai at the Spotted Dog Studio of Linda Taylor in December, 2008. Waterbase Monotype and Chine Colle Intensive are limited to 8 students, Viscosity is limited to 7. The studio has 3 large format presses and one small format press, so each workshop participant has extensive access to the press, and will come away from the 5 day workshops with a minimum of 10-15 prints.All supplies except for printing paper are included in the fee, and printing paper is available at cost ($3/ sheet).There is an ample supply of plexiglass plates of all sizes for use by participants.The studio is also well supplied with brayers, pencils, cutting matts, scissors and space to store drying prints. Each artist will have a large working space.The Spotted Dog Studio is located at a residence, with access to restful yard, kitchen, coffee, tea, bathrooms, etc.

WATERBASE MONOTYPE - DEC. 1-5 - $625An intensive five-day workshop exploring the monotype process using the Akua monotype and Akua intaglio inks. The program is designed for the novice as well as those more experienced with the medium of waterbase inks. The workshop will focus on several techniques, including chine colle, mixed media, multiple plate monotypes, viscosity and stencils.Michael's vast experience as a master printer opens many avenues for producing successful works on paper. All the artistic advantages which monotype has to offer can be explored and exploited as each print leads to the next, and a deeper understanding of the medium.

MICHAEL'S CHINE COLLE INTENSIVE - DEC. 7 & 8 - $200Chine Colle is a collage process that incorporates pieces of paper that are glued simultaneously while a print is being transferred. Chine colle may be used in partnership with all printmaking techniques, as well as a medium unto itself. All types of adhesives will be discussed, and dry and wet printing will be demonstrated. Students are encouraged to bring asian papers (often called "rice" paper) drawings, photos, or any paper "ephemera" including old envelopes, stanps, lace, book pages, etc., to explore the limits of this versatile medium.

OIL BASED VISCOSITY MONOTYPE PRINTS - DEC 10-14- $625Michael McCabe has been refining his technique in viscosity for the last 20 years. This workshop is an opportunity to benefit from his vast experience. Viscosity printing, first invented as an aid to printing colored etchings, has been adapted to all printmaking techniques.The workshop will cover the various ways to modify inks to repel or attract each other. Applying multiple layers of ink of different viscosities to a single plate can yield unique effects that cannot be achieved otherwise. Additional techniques will be combined with viscosity to create a beautiful range of works. Chine colle and glazes will also be discussed as those techniques relate to viscosity.

TO RESERVE A SPACE IN ONE OF THE 3 WORKSHOPS: Please send a $200 deposit (or $50 for the Chine colle intensive) made out to Linda Taylor for the workshop desired and send to:Linda Taylor912 N. Drown Ave.Ojai, Ca 93023Questions? Call or email Linda at or 805 646 9892.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where to find us currently

Members of Inkspots are currently exhibiting at the following locations:

Buenaventura Art Association

Stoneworks Studio

Ventura County Maritime Museum

Made in Ojai, Ojai California

Harbor Village Gallery

Gulls Cottage in Cayucos, CA

Saint Mary Meads in Cambria, CA

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brand New Site

Here is the kickoff to our brand new site!
This site can be used by any of the members to keep track of:
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