Tuesday, December 28, 2010

News & Looking at 2011

Elizabeth Manger and Judy Gibbs attended the Monotype/Monoprint workshop 
with New Mexico printmaker Michael McCabe in early December 
at Linda Taylor’s Studio in Ojai.  
It was a wonderful, hands-on learning experience, and fun as well.  
Michael and Linda, working together, created a friendly 
and supportive environment in a great studio space. 

Both Bay Hallowell and Karen L Brown will be having solo shows this coming year. 
Bay will be showing at the SB library in February 
Karen will be at the Buenaventura Art Gallery in June 21-July 16th 2011
We are sure both shows will feature more AMAZING work from both women.
More details to follow

Beverly Decker will have a one person show at the Foster Library in Ventura.  
It will be up until Feb 2011.  
She will be part of the Focus on the Masters on Aug 13, 2011
she will have a one person show at 643 Project Space during the month of August 2011.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Night Stand

Ginny Furmanski created a One Night Stand show of the Inkspots work last Friday night for First Friday.
About 30 people came by the unadvertised show. It drew people in that were simply passing by the gallery!
Great work Ginny!